The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS)

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS PA) is a cabinet-level state agency in Pennsylvania. The agency administers services that provide care and support to Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens.

PA DHS Services


Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Information and resources about the ACA for individuals, families, and providers

Cash Assistance
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and General Assistance

Clearances and Background Checks
Fingerprinting, FBI Background Checks, Applications, and Clearances

Domestic Violence Crisis and Prevention
Resources and where to get help

Employment and Training Programs
Resources for Pennsylvanians to start and succeed on their career path

Find Facilities and Locations
Find facilities and locations

Health Care and Medical Assistance
Medical assistance in Pennsylvania including access, treatment, and prevention

Heating Assistance/LIHEAP
Get help with heating your home

Resources and strategies for Housing in Pennsylvania

Legal Services in Pennsylvania
Help with legal matters for Pennsylvanians who cannot afford an attorney

Mental Health Services
Programs and resources, eligibility, and network of care

Mobile app for Pennsylvanians who applied for or receive state benefits

Rape Crisis and Prevention
Resources and help for victims/survivors, sexual violence prevention tools

Report Abuse
Report child abuse or abuse of adults with disabilities

Search for Provider
Provider search tool

State Hospitals
Locate your nearest State Hospital

Substance Abuse Services
Find Centers of Excellences and other resources

Suicide Prevention Task Force
A first-of-its-kind, statewide Suicide Prevention Task Force to develop Pennsylvania’s statewide suicide prevention plan

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
Get help with food, EBT, find income limits, and work requirements

Welfare Fraud Tipline
Call 1-844-DHS-TIPS tipline


Child Care and Early Learning
Find services/centers and learn more about STARS and other programs

Clearances and Background Checks
Fingerprinting, FBI Background Checks, Applications, and Clearances

Child Support Contact Information
Child support resources for families

Child Welfare Services
Child abuse, adoption and foster care

CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program
More information on CHIP coverage and eligibility in PA

Complex Case Planning for Children & Youth Under Age 21
A comprehensive, multi-program approach to serving children and youth with social, emotional, behavioral, and/or physical health needs

Early Intervention Services
Children in PA with developmental delays can benefit from early intervention

Find Facilities and Locations
Find facilities and locations

Integrated Children’s Services
Combination of long-term prevention, early intervention, and services for family stability

Juvenile Justice Services
Individualized treatment services based on criminogenic risk, need, and responsivity

Search for Provider
Find a provider

Report Child Abuse
Contact the ChildLine to report abuse


Alternatives to Nursing Homes
Home and community-based services are available through the Office of Long-Term Living

Information on the Living Independence for the Elderly (LIFE) program

Long-Term Care Services
Wide range of assistive services provided to individuals based on their needs


Assistive Technology
Equipment that may aid in the assistance of children and adults with disabilities and functional limitations

Autism Services
Resources to enhance the quality of life and independence of Pennsylvanians with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as support for families

Intellectual Disability Services
Eligibility, contact information, and resources for support and service

Personal Care Home Services
Services for people who may need help in their day-to-day lives

Services for Persons with Disabilities
Different programs and services for people who may need help in their day-to-day lives

State Centers
Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Disabilities & Aging Resources

Find Facilities and Locations
Find care homes and county assistance office contact information

Search for a Provider
Provider search tool

Other DHS Pennsylvania Services

Burial and Cremation Payment
Payment for burial and cremation services on behalf of eligible individuals

Casualty Recovery
Compensation for personal injury claims for Medical Assistance recipients

Estate Recovery
Recovering Medical Assistance payments from the estate of an individual receiving nursing home or home and community-based services

Homeless Assistance
Find help prior to or after being evicted from your home

Reproductive Health
Family Planning and Alternatives to Abortion services

Pennsylvania DHS Contact Information

DHS HelpLine 1-800-692-7462 (1-800-451-5886 TDD for individuals with hearing impairments)
ChildLine (State Child Abuse Registry) 1-800-932-0313
CHIP Helpline 1-800-986-KIDS (1-800-986-5437)
Pharmacy Services 1-800-537-8862, option 1
Secretary of Human Services 1-717-787-2600
Disability Services 1-800-753-8827
Welfare Fraud TipLine 1-844-DHS-TIPS (1-844-347-8477)
Autism Services 1-866-539-7689
COMPASS/Benefits Helpline (Cash Assistance, SNAP, MA, etc.) 1-800-692-7462
Governor’s Office 1-717-787-2500
Estate Recovery Program 1-800-528-3708
Health & Human Services HR Delivery Center 1-717-787-5618
Child Support Enforcement Helpline 1-800-932-0211