Health Information Service Provider

Interaction is the ability to seamlessly exchange data between the Health Information Service Provider (HISP) and other health data management systems. HISP community service helps to quickly and securely provide doctors and healthcare professionals with data on all procedures and medical services provided to a patient.

An integral part of the organization of semantic and structural interaction is the creation of a single source of reliable information. Instead of scattered fragments of case histories scattered across different rooms or systems, all available information is collected in one central location. This ensures that the same data is seen by all healthcare professionals involved with the patient.

Centralization and easy access to information save time. Instead of spending many hours searching for the information they need in disconnected, complex and disconnected systems and places, they can do more rewarding activities: admitting patients, collecting anamnesis, and developing treatment plans.

With better health information, healthcare providers can make treatment and care decisions faster, giving patients confidence in making the right decisions, and reducing unnecessary work and waste. All this works towards the ultimate goal: to establish contact with patients and protect themselves and their medical data.