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Generic Cialis is a drug prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This drug contains tadalafil. The available dosage is 10 and 20 mg. The recommended daily dosage is 20 mg. The dose can be reduced up to 10 mg if the effect is noticeable. Do not exceed daily dosage not to provoke side effects.

How to Identify Legal and Clandestine Online Pharmacies?

Everyone knows that it is impossible to buy health. But you can buy medicines that can help to improve your health.

Days, when proper medicine was possible to «get» only by overpaying to speculators, had long gone. Today, you can buy any medication, even in a small town or village via Internet.

Here you will find not only a wide range of products, but also professional service. We use modern technologies that enable you to control quality of all products that are offered for pharmacy

As you know, there are medications that anyone can buy, as well as those that require a prescription for obtaining them. This should remind the buyer that drugs are no cakes, and they can not be bought according to principle of «like-dislike» (though there are online pharmacies «without scripts»).

Our pharmacy has almost everything: medicines, home medical equipment, hygiene products, medical products, health and beauty products, herbs and teas, all for children and young mothers, diet supplements, weight-loss means. In short, everything that can be found in pharmacy. And this is great. After all, a particular drug can save health or even life.

There is only one single «but». In online pharmacy no one will stop and prevent you from «experimenting on yourself». Remember – internet pharmacy is only for sensible people. Instruction to the drug does not substitute professional examination and doctor’s prescription.

Pharmacies online, where you can buy any medication online, is the greatest benefit for those who understand that decision about what drugs will recover your health can be made only by doctor, and in no case by patient. Keep this in mind and do not engage in self-treatment.

Your Health is in Hands of Swindlers

Recently more and more people have become victims of online pharmacies. It would seem so easy: a few clicks and medicines delivered to your door, without having to go to doctor.

But is it safe? Is it legal?

Often no. And you must know all the risks.

Yes, there are many legitimate pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies (including online), adhere to the letter of the law, have a license and all necessary registration certificates. But there are a lot of those, who make easy and quick money at your expense, and, unfortunately, at expense of your health. These are shady companies that sell drugs and often counterfeit not legally. They do not care about your health, presence of doctor’s recommendations and contraindications. They are criminals and these online pharmacies sell any drugs with no prior doctor’s prescription.

Preparations, these swindlers sell, may be expired, they can be fake, rejected or with impurities. Also, these drugs can be made of suspicious raw materials in clandestine laboratories and workshops.

The big problem is that these online pharmacies are located around the world. And many people, whom doctor recommended effective drug, which is not found in their location, but has good positive effect on severe diseases (such as cancer), find this medicine in the Internet and buy it in foreign online pharmacy. More than 80,000 websites now contain advertising links to one of 1,400 websites of illegal Internet pharmacies. You do not even have to look for these offers, on your e-mail, as spam, will be sent advertising of such clandestine Internet pharmacies.

Are there Ways to Find Out whether Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

  • Legal enterprise on its website contains complete information about the company (legal address, BIN, TIN, bank details), which you can easily check.
  • Legal online pharmacy is licensed to pharmaceutical activity, often as a pharmaceutical warehouse, and therefore must have corresponding certificate. These documents should be placed on website and be readable.
  • Courier delivering a drug to you must give you a receipt, which must correspond to organization, details of which you read on website.
  • When ordering, you can request a copy of certificates, verified by seller’s seal.
  • Do not use services of foreign online pharmacies. Its legality is difficult to assess.

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