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Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Signs & Treatment

Erectile dysfunction – every second man came across this condition at least once in his life. This condition can occur at any age, it may occur sporadically or be repeated all the time.

After the first sexual failure, a man often diagnosis himself with an offensive and unfair diagnosis: “impotence”, and aggravates his condition by fear of intimacy. If you feel that your sexual abilities are diminishing, erection is not the same as before, the desire to have sex gradually weakens, do not take it for granted! The diagnosis of “impotence” no longer exists! The very word “impotent” can be classified as obsolete! Nowadays, instead of “impotence”, doctors use the term “erectile dysfunction” (ED), which is more correct and implies a less categorical perception of the problem. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse

Erectile dysfunction signs

  • Erection is not sufficient for a sexual intercourse;
  • Erection disappears during intercourse;
  • Complete absence of erection.

There is a stereotype that impotence is typical for men of old age. However, this disorder has noticeably become “younger”. As medical researches show, erectile dysfunction can occur in men of all ages. However, the older a man becomes, the more likely he is to become acquainted with impotence. The earlier a man contacts an urologist, the more effective erectile dysfunction treatment will be.

Erectile problems can lead to serious psychological problems, both for men and their partners. Men often become isolated, aggressive, which leads to psychological tension and discord in the family.

Before starting erectile dysfunction treatment, you need to determine erectile dysfunction causes and risk factors.

Erectile dysfunction causes

The list of ED causes and risk factors that could lead to erectile dysfunction is quite extensive. It is very important to correctly diagnose causes, because erectile dysfunction therapy will be based on it. For a long time, erectile dysfunction was associated mainly with psychological factors, however modern research helped to identify other possible causes of this disease, including but not limited t:

  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Disorders of the endocrine system;
  • Hormonal deficiency;
  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis, stroke, multiple sclerosis);
  • Side effects of some medications (antidepressants, drugs used to treat various neurological and mental diseases);
  • Disruption of the spinal cord.

If impotence is caused by one of these factors or a combination of them, one speaks of organic erectile dysfunction.

The most common erectile dysfunction risk factors:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Excess excess weight / obesity;
  • Smoking and alcohol;
  • Elevated cholesterol.

If you have any factors that can lead to erectile disorders, you should be more careful about your health.

Impotence can also cause such psychological problems as stiffness, anxiety and lack of trust between partners. In this case, they speak of psychogenic erectile dysfunction. In 10% of all affected men, potency disorders cause only psychological problems.

In a number of cases, impotence is caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors. Often erectile dysfunction is a concomitant phenomenon in other somatic diseases, so we recommend that you undergo a comprehensive examination if you noticed erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by the age features. With age, man experiences a violation of testosterone production – the main sex hormone. Reduction of androgenic saturation in men is accompanied by a decrease in sexual interest, a decrease or total disappearance of orgasm and sexual pleasure. In addition to these changes, fatigue, depression and irritability are increasing.

How to cure erectile dysfunction on your own?

The first thing you can help yourself is to exclude ED risk factors that can lead to impaired potency, namely:

  • Stop smoking. Smoking is a harmful habit that disrupts the work of the cardiovascular system, leads to a narrowing of the vessels, including the vessels of the penis, as a result of which a man develops erectile dysfunction;
  • Engage in physical education. Swimming, running, cycling, simple walking – all this can positively influence the work of the cardiovascular system, which will certainly improve the quality of your sex life;
  • Learn to avoid stressful situations, emotional and physical stress. Constant stress reduces your ability to lead a full and active sex life.

Nowadays, men widely use erectile dysfunction pills (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and so on) that can treat various types of erectile dysfunction, but these drugs should be prescribed only by a qualified doctor. Uncontrolled use of such drugs can lead to serious complications, especially in patients at risk (atherosclerosis, heart failure). Erectile dysfunction and diabetes issue should be paid a special attention to.

If you wonder how to improve potency without harm to your body, you should consult an experienced urologist

What to start erectile dysfunction treatment with?

First, contact a competent specialist. Only a qualified urologist will be able to make an accurate erectile dysfunction diagnosis, identify the causes of erectile dysfunction and to choose individual erectile dysfunction treatment options that will help you solve your problem.

When starting the treatment of erectile dysfunction through online pharmacy, a urologist will diagnose the disease, determines its causes using modern methods (dopplerography and biothesiometry). On the basis of the data obtained, he prescribed an individual treatment method, which helps in 98% of cases to restore potency successfully. The positive effect of treatment is manifested after the first few weeks. Such good results have become possible due to the use of the unique drugs for erectile dysfunction and an integrated approach to the problem.