MyKeyCare is a secure online patient portal. This resource enables patients to look through medical papers from multiple KeyHIE-participating establishments. MyKeyCare enables patients to download medical records, test their healthcare staff, and make an appointment or prescription renewal. Patients can look through additional educational material, share access with patient’s family, and fill out/upload new personal data. Patients’ identities are securely verified and authenticated through LexisNexis.

Susquehanna Health (SH) is ensuring patients with a free, easy and state-of-the-art system for collecting, keeping and managing healthcare information as well as a options for connecting with their SH healthcare team. MyKeyCare has Pennsylvania certification of HIO.

Information offered in MyKeyCare is protected by password. It can be viewed by the patient or by someone temporarily assuming the responsibilities of the patient.

AT the right moment, this resource contains over 2,500 SH patients. Some of the patients address ACHM. This patient portal contains the following information: