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Generic Cialis is a drug prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This drug contains tadalafil. The available dosage is 10 and 20 mg. The recommended daily dosage is 20 mg. The dose can be reduced up to 10 mg if the effect is noticeable. Do not exceed daily dosage not to provoke side effects.

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis – 36 Hours Effective Drug

Cialis is a medication for men, which is used to restore and support erectile function. Cialis is an effective means. It increases potency and restores normal sexual life. The active substance of the drug is tadalafil. It is known that branded Cialis has many generics produced by different pharmaceutical companies. This website is devoted to Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz Cialis, a generic with the same effetiveness.Canadian Pharmacy Cialis - 36 Hours Effective Drug

Generic Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Today there are a large number of different medications, options, supplements and other substances that specifically contribute to the restoration of a long and stable erection throughout the entire sexual intercourse. The most interesting option is generic Cialis. This drug is characterized by the duration and brightness of emotions.

Cialis is a drug widely used in the treatment of problems in one way or another associated with erectile dysfunction. It helps a man to feel powerful, restores and makes a ;ong-lasting erection. The time Cialis persists in the body is 3 days.

Cialis is produced in the form of tablets. It is taken orally. It is important to monitor the dosage regimen – no more than one tablet with a dosage of 20 mg taken about 30 monutes before the start of the planned sexual intercourse.

This drug dissolves almost immediately after the drug is taken. Besides Cialis Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz doesn’t provide negative reactions to liver, kidneys or blood pressure. This is all due to the fact that the composition of this drug contains lactose monohydrate, tadalafil (which is the drug active substance), croscarmellose sodium, as well as cellulose.

When should a man use Cialis and how long the effect lasts?

The time is individual for each man, but on average, Cialis starts showing its effect within 15 – 45 minutes from the moment of taking the pill.

As for the duration of action, Tadalafil has an action lasting for 36 hours. Thus, in order to get a high-quality, stable and long-lasting erection, you need to take the pill about 30 minutes before sex. Further, the tablet will show effect for 36 hours, after which you can take the next dose of the drug or delay its intake until the moment when you want to start sexual intercourse.

However, before starting treatment, it is important to consult a physician who will help determine the duration of treatment and select the dosage considering the characteristics of the male body. To prescribe the correct course of treatment and understand how much Cialis 20 mg acts on you, the specialist needs to study the results of the tests. Only on the basis of the available results the doctor will be able to prescribe an effective treatment course.

How long does Cialis act?

The mechanism of action is as following. First, generic Cialis enters the blood flow. Then it is absorbed into vessels walls and reaches the penile cavernous body. Thanks to the hard-working and many years of research, manufacturers were able to develop a formula that helps to accelerate the process onset. In addition, they managed to extend Cialis effect as long as possible when it enters a man’s body.

Like analogs, Tadalafil begins to act only if there is a natural sexual desire (libido). An important point is also sexual stimulation. If these factors are present, the man feels a powerful inflow of sexual energy and a stable erection. If a man doesn’t feel at attraction to a partner, an erection will not appaer.

What determines the high effectiveness of Cialis?

The high effectiveness of Canadian Pharmacy Cialis 20mg is achieved due to the fact that after it enters the male body, it quickly absorbed into the blood. Due to this, the penile cavernous bodies receive a powerful blood flow due to the relaxation of smooth muscles and the neutralization of substances that interfere with the erection onset. Also, the drug helps to normalize the process of blood entering the porous bodies with its subsequent retention until the orgasm onset. If you already know how long Cialis 20 mg acts, although this is purely individual, then it is also important to know that after sexual intercourse you can again start sex contact within a certain period of time.

Cialis and alcohol

Can Cialis be taken with alcohol? There are no contraindications that prohibit the combination of a tadalafil-based drug with alcohol. The fact that a popular drug can be used with alcohol is one of its main advantages. This is true, because a few sips of alcohol along with Cialis will give you not only a good erection, but also give you a feeling of relaxation. However, a man who combines the use of these substances must monitor the quaintity of taking alcohol.

The abuse of Cialis or alcohol will not contribute to positive results. Too great doses of these substances have a detrimental effect on the organs and body systems. The central nervous system, liver, kidneys, and heart are especially affected. Also, the intensity of possible side effects increases. If the dose of alcohol and the drug is small, then the possibility of negative results is minimized.

The use of Cialis and alcoholic beverages at the same time are quite safe. But only if we are talking about moderate use. First, it is important to remember the optimal dosage of tadalafil. Secondly, the amount of alcohol should also be moderate.

If you increase the dose of alcohol during the use of Tadalafil, the following negative reactions are possible:

  • its actions will be less intense;
  • the effect duration is reduced;
  • the intensity of adverse reactions increases, including nausea, vomiting, headache;
  • deterioration of the liver;
  • heart problems, high or low blood pressure.

However, all of the above adverse reactions occur only if you consume a significant alcohol dose.

Is it possible to buy cheap Cialis?

It is really possible to buy cheap Cialis. For this, every man is recommended to buy Cialis online. There are so many online pharmacies that offer to buy medications online. Our company also offers generic Cialis for ordering online. The ordering procedue is simple. It is necessary to choose the drug in the right dosage (maximum daily dosage – 20 mg). Put the chosen item in the shopping cart. Then, proceed to the checkout where it is necessary to enter personal data for submitting an order.

We also recommen following our website because we constantly offer discount Cialis. Its price becomes as low as possible. Keep in mind, we offer generic Cialis that’s why its price is considerably lower in comparison with a branded one.

Why is buying Cialis more affordable from our online service

It is more affordable to buy Cialis online from our service because several reasons. They are:

  • generics produced by top-certified pharmaceutical companies;
  • low prices;
  • glbal delivery with possible free shipping options for orders over $200.00 and $300.00;
  • worked out customer support service;
  • user-friendly interface and innovative search engines.

These are some reasons why it is affordable to buy this erectile dysfunction drug here. We recommend 100% quality and delivery.

Cialis for patients with prostate cancer

An increasing number of patients with prostate cancer are currently undergoing nerve-saving prostatectomy, and therefore the problem of their rehabilitation, including the restoration of an erection, is becoming especially urgent. The first line of erectile dysfunction treatment in these patients are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-5), in particular the long-acting drug – Cialis.

Erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy largely determines the quality of patients’ life. Even in case of performing nerve-saving operations, erectile dysfunction of one degree or another is observed in 65–75% of patients. This is especially important for young patients who are more interested in having no problems with an erection.

Cialis is one of the first-line drugs for restoring erectile function after nerve-saving prostatectomy, as they are most convenient, safe and quite effective in patients of this group. In a recent large multicenter randomized trial using tadalafil as an example, it was shown that PDE-5 inhibitors are equally effective regardless of the time of therapy onset (immediately or one year after surgery).

Tadalafil, the active Cialis substance, differs in chemical structure from the other two currently used drugs of this group (sildenafil and vardenafil). The rate and amount of tadalafil absorption in the gastrointestinal tract are independent of food intake and alcohol. Its half-life is 17.5 hours, while it is 4-5 hours for sildenafil and vardenafil. Achieving one or several erections after taking Cialis is possible within 36 hours. This allows you to take the drug not only immediately before sexual intercourse, but also long before it.

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