Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network

The Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network (P3N), formerly called the community shared services (CSS), is the network that supports the ability of healthcare participants to exchange information within and beyond Pennsylvania’s borders. Health Information Organizations (HIOs) throughout Pennsylvania already connect some providers, but they are currently limited in their ability to share information with each other and achieving full interoperability would require each of them to build and maintain multiple interfaces.

PA Patient and Provider Network

The PA eHealth Partnership Authority has worked with the HIOs, integrated delivery network (IDNs) and like entities in the commonwealth to develop the Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network (P3N) to provide interoperability.

The goals are to:

  • Build capacity for exchanging health information
  • Increase connectivity and the flow of patient information to improve quality and efficiency of care
  • Support movement toward nationwide interoperability

The Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network (P3N) will also provide access to services that will be used and paid for by participating entities, allowing them to avoid replicating costs for functionality that all can benefit from. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Provider Directory services to locate providers across Pennsylvania
  • Patient Index services to help locate patient consent preferences
  • Record Locator Services to locate sources of patient records

Through a combination of federal and state funds, the PA eHealth Partnership Authority has provided grant funding to support the ability of certified entities to connect to the Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network (P3N), and to develop the requirements of the network.

Managing Patient Consent in the PA Patient & Provider Network

If a patient’s healthcare provider is connected to the Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network (P3N) through a certified health information organization (HIO), that patient’s information is automatically available to other P3N-connected providers. However, a patient may opt out of the sharing of his or her information in the P3N by completing a P3N opt-out form. In addition, a patient who has previously opted out may opt back in by resubmitting the form through his or her healthcare provider or directly to the Authority.

Click HERE for Opt-Out/Opt-Back-In Form/Information

Information for Health Information Organizations
Joining the PA Patient & Provider Network 

Any organization interested in onboarding to the PA Patient & Provider Network (P3N) must be certified with the PA eHealth Partnership Authority. Organizations seeking Health Information Organization (HIO) certification must enable exchange between at least two unaffiliated provider and/or payer (private or public) organizations, and enable users to satisfy health information exchange-related Meaningful Use requirements, if applicable. Details about certification and P3N onboarding are at the link below.

Click HERE for P3N Certification Requirements, Agreements, and HIO Fee Schedule

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